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The Farm Noise and Hearing Network, South Australia, is a statewide group of farmers and health professionals including Speech Pathologists, Audiologists, Community Nurses and Hearing Advisers. The network aims to promote hearing conservation in rural communities throughout South Australia.

Noise induced hearing loss is permanent but preventable. Noise induced hearing loss is dependant on the volume of the noise and the time exposed to it. Exposure to noise levels of more than 85 dB (A) for more than 8 hours a day on a regular basis can cause permanent hearing damage. Some extreme noise levels such as from firearms, cause instant damage. Research shows that those working on farms are at high risk of such hearing damage.

One strategy of the network for the prevention of noise induced hearing loss is the Farm Noise & Hearing Project, a statewide project currently occurring at regional field days, district shows and health expos.

The Farm Noise & Hearing newsletters and reports can be accessed via this page.

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