Fitting Earmuffs

Comfort and fit are crucial. Ear muffs need to be comfortable when worn for an extended period of time. The removal of ear muffs for even short periods of time can significantly increase your exposure to noise and therefore, reduce their effectiveness. A good seal of the cushion against your head is also important to maintain effectiveness.

1. Check ear muffs to see which way they should be worn.

2. Oval ear muffs are meant to be worn so that the oval is vertical.

3. Brush hair away from ears, so that it doesnít affect the seal.

4. Place ear muffs over ears, making sure that the ears fit comfortably inside the shells.

5. Adjust the headband so that the ear muffs are a snug fit on your head.

6. Run your fingers around the cushions to check that they are making a good seal against your head. Be aware that the side arm of your glasses can affect the seal.

7. If you canít get a good seal:

try a different shaped pair of ear muffs;

consider changing the side arms of your glasses for a thinner pair;

adjust side arms on safety glasses to fit behind ear muff cushions;

check for cracking in the cups of the ear muffs, or the head band

try ear plugs instead.

Care and Cleaning of Ear Muffs

Clean earmuffs with soapy water and a cloth.

The parts of the ear muffs that require washing are: the headband; the foam inside the cup and the cushions attached to the cups.
Headbands should be cleaned frequently as they become dirty from handling, and absorb oil from hands, head and hair of the user.
If the absorbent material within the muffs becomes wet or damp, it should be allowed to dry before they are used again.
Wipe the surface of the ear muffs with a clean cloth or tissue.
Change the cushions if they become hard or brittle. There are disposable cotton stick-on pads available that absorb sweat and dirt.



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