Exposure to noise can make you tired and grumpy
Exposure to noise can contribute to hearing impairment, possible tinnitus and fatigue. Often the consequences of even brief exposure are unexpected and damaging.

Noise affects more than your hearing.

Documented effects of loud noise on workers include :

ringing or buzzing noises in your head or ears
loss of concentration - increasing risk of accidents
"dulling" of the senses
digestion problems through a reduction in gastric activity
irritability or "edginess"
sleep disturbance
distraction from task resulting in more errors
increase in stress levels
changes in heart rate
Misunderstandings, e.g. on UHF radio, mobile phones or face to face
changes in blood pressure
decrease in work efficiency
drop in productivity
increased employee absenteeism
increased staff turnover

Reduce noise

 Reduce fatigue

Reduce accidents

Increase your wellbeing!

 Increase productivity!




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