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  • Rural workers exposed to noise.
  • Aims:
  • To prevent noise induced hearing loss through assessment and education.
  • Involves:
  • Hearing assessment.
  • Immediate professional consultation about hearing status.
  • Practical advice about strategies and products to conserve hearing.
  • Interactive displays on noise control strategies and personal hearing protection.
  • Counselling.
  • Recommendation for follow up with doctor, audiologist or ENT for advice about coping with hearing loss.
  • Conducted by:
  • Speech Pathologists.
  • Audiologists.
  • Nurses.
  • Hearing Consultants.
  • Farmers.
  • Findings of Farm Noise and Hearing Project over the past 5 years:
  • Approximately 90% of farmers were at risk of noise induced hearing loss.
  • 60-80% of farmers between the ages of 30 and 70 were found to have significant hearing loss which could be attributed to exposure to farm noise.
  • Most farmers are unaware of the degree of their hearing loss.
  • Many farmers and family members identified difficulties that were consistent with a noise induced hearing loss, such as difficulties hearing over background noise and ringing in the ears.
  • Noise induced hearing loss has occurred in all age groups.
  • Positive outcomes of the project to date:
  • An increasing awareness amongst farmers of the work practices and products available to prevent hearing loss.
  • Resources are available and are continually updated to ensure that they are useful and practical for farmers.
  • Ongoing monitoring of hearing is often available through the project.
  • Involvement of farmers and farming organisations has resulted in positive relevant information being distributed in an appropriate way and access to farming communities has increased.
  • Education is increasingly focussing on longer term strategies for preventing hearing loss, including reducing sources of noise and adapting work practices to reduce exposure to noise.
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